James Blair and Margaret Daigle and their children

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James Blair and Margaret Daigle and their children

Post by Heidi on Tue Jan 26, 2016 2:24 pm

James Blair & Margaret Daigle marriage abt 1848 their ( my ggg grandparents on my dads side)
1.Margaret Blair brn ca 1848 as per census 1851.She married William Richard Matthews (my gg grandparents)

2.Agnes Blair bapt-in 1851 at 1 month old{between Aug,15& Sept,6th} the records show no date-Belledune R.C.
Chruch records sponsors: Lazare Leviolet & Elizabeth Russell

3.Mary Blair born ca 1857 as per 1871 census ,married Robert Gray (also my gg grandparents through my grandmother flora Ann Russell (Gray)

4.James Blair born ca 1861 as per 1871 census

5.Michael Blair born ca 1863 as per 1871 census born Sept,3,1861 Belledune He married Dora Catherine Russell

6.Elizabeth Blair bapt- March,15,1864 at 10 days old Belledune R.C. Chruch records sponsors: James Wall & Sarah
Russell.She married Louis Carrier October,26,1886 Belledune

7.William Isaac Blair bapt -July,25,1869 Belledune at age 6 months sponsors: Sichael Shannon & Sarah Ann Russell


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