MY Gray line

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MY Gray line

Post by Heidi on Tue Jan 26, 2016 10:41 am

Austin Gray who settled in Gloucster county New Brunswick Canada.his son Robert {b circa 1820 Scotland or N.B.,married Annie Hodgins in Bathurst N.B. on Sept,27,1844{and lived in Hodgins settlement near Belledune N.B. they had 10 children
James b circa 1847 Joseph b circa 1849 Martha b circa 1851 Robert b circa 1853 Mary b circa 1855 Annie b circa 1857 john b circa 1859 Steve Hodgins b 15 oct 1862 Flora b circa 1865 Caldwell b circa 1868
my grandmother flora Ann Russell{ Gray }b ? Belledune N.B.married Joseph Harold {Harold}Russell in Belledune ? flora died 1952 Belledune N.B. she was daughter of Robert Gray & Elizabeth Pitre,i heared that my g grandfather Robert Gray,was son of Robert Gray & Mary Blair and i was told my gg grandfather Robert Gray was son of Robert Gray & Ann Hodgins an i was told my ggg grandfather Robert Gray was son of Austin Gray of Scotland who settled in New Brunswick Canada.
a William Austin Gray brother of my g grandfather Robert Gray married Annie Matthews in Belledune N.B. Annie Jane Gray sister of my g grandfather Robert Gray married James Homer Russell in Belledune N.B. this is so confusing for James Homer Russell was born July,5,1895 Belledune N.B. he is my grandfather Joseph Harold {Harold}Russell born June,13,1904 Belledune N.B. brother.
Would love to hear from anyone with connections or info on these Gray`s

Would like to learn birthdate and place for Austin Gray,and would like to know who was his wife.


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